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Stanley Proto’s generated a few interesting new products in this last month or so, and this one particularly caught our eye.  Lots of companies are making ratcheting wrenches, but leave it to Proto — famous for their specialized aircraft and industrial tools — to make some of the biggest ones ones around:  These single-ended wrenches come in eight sizes ranging from 1-9/16″ to 2-1/8″ and are 15-1/2″ to 19″ long.

Kinda makes my little ratcheting combos look puny.

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Stanley Proto released a cool new tool today designed to let you use the now-ubiquitous ratcheting wrenches as extreme-low-profile-head ratchets utilizing standard sockets.  They’re specially-cut adapters that lock into the wrenches, adapting them to square-drive.

What makes these adapters such a great idea is that they leverage tools that most professionals — or serious hobbyists — will already find in their toolbox.

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If you haven’t run across a spline fastener yet, you haven’t taken an old BMW “airhead” apart.  There are a number of them, especially in and around the transmission.  Sometimes you can get a socket on them, but a ratcheting wrench works in almost all circumstances.

Enter Stanley Proto’s new ratcheting wrenches complete with spline box ends.  And these aren’t just good for spline fasteners: They also do everything that a standard box wrench’ll do and they’re better than standard boxes at turning rounded-off fasteners.

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