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post-stahlwille.jpgWhen we mentioned offset wrenches a few days ago, we promised to find the specific ones we borrowed — and liked a lot — and report back to you.  Well, we found them.  (Or at least they were found for us.  Thanks, Lorenzo!) 

They’re made by the German company Stahlwille, and come in all sorts of sizes and offsets.  What we like is the way the offset’s so steep as opposed to just angled like most offset wrenches we’ve seen.  They’ll fit in places your ordinary offsets can’t dare to tread.

There’s a link below to the English version of the Stahlwille site, but it’s difficult to tell from their site what combinations of wrenches are available commercially.  We’ve also included a link to Froogle that’s more useful; It returns the specific 8-piece set we used from a variety of vendors starting at around $115.  We’re saving up for a set right now.

US Corporate Site [Stahlwille]
Street Pricing (8-pc set) [Froogle]