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As we’ve been doing some car audio installation work around the Toolmonger shop this week, we’ve taken a sudden interest in any kind of tool that’ll help us get at difficult-to-reach fasteners.  (You haven’t truly lived until you’ve tried to reach a screw that’s 6″ inside the dash with a 1-1/2″ clearance.  Damn!)

Besides picking up a Skewdriver (which we mentioned a while back and saw some great comments on — watch for a hands-on soon), we’re also thinking about grabbing Spec Tools’ “dual action ratchet.”  Think of it as a GearWrench-style pass-thru ratchet that also rotates when you squeeze the handles.

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Spec Tools makes quite a variety of straight, ratcheting, and offset screwdrivers, but when reader Sandro tipped us off to this kit it really caught our attention; it seems to include the most useful round-up of Spec Tools’ products — straight and offset drivers for use manually (with the included handle) or any 1/4″ powered driver.

Our favorite part, though is the geared 90-degree offset, which seems like just the kind of tool to save your ass when you can’t find any other way to get at a fastener.

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