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SOG is to tactical knives what Armani is to suits — they may not be the absolute best in the world, but everyone looks to them to come out with the next big thing before leaping upon it themselves. The Fatcat has the look of one of those soon-to-be-copied blades.

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The Fusion Contractor 2×4 diverges from the path of your normal multi-tool. Scramble a pencil sharpener, a level, a wire stripper, a pocket knife, storage for one nail, and a faux circ saw blade — and you get the functions a contractor will need? The website aims its spiel at the Father’s Day/birthday crowd, intimating that you might know a contractor who needs this “thematic” knife.

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Matt writes: “This is the most bad-ass multi-tool out there.  You’ve got to check one out for yourself if you’re skeptical. It’s very, very heavy and as strong as a real set of pliers.  The best feature is the gear-driven pliers, which give you a two-to-one reduction so you can really hang on to things and also eliminates the problem of the pliers sticking together when the handles are open (due to fish scales and other crud getting caught in the mechanisms.)  Also, I just saw that there’s gonna be a new version (2.0) coming out sometime — even bigger and heavier.  Cool!”

In case you’re wondering, the “EOD” in the name does indeed refer to “Explosive Ordinance Disposal.”  Yep, this multi-tool is designed for those guys.

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