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Keep your fleet of cars, trucks, bicycles, ATVs, tractors, and wheelbarrows moving with a deluxe tire repair kit from Slime!  The kit includes everything except the tires, inner tubes, and air — at least I don’t see anything missing, unless you want to count an equalizer.

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There isn’t a good time to have a flat.  Period.  But with that said, if you’re prepared for it, you can minimize the pain of dealing with it.  Slime has been gooping tires shut for a few years now, and their Smart Spare kit is a repair kit that offers a “no knuckle busting” approach to getting you back on the road.

I know, I know.  Sealing a tire with slime isn’t really recommended, and the guy at the tire place is likely to hate you when he finally pulls it off to fix it.  (Either that or he’ll wonder why it won’t balance afterwards.  Then he’ll hate you.)  But when it’s hot as hell and you’re stuck on the side of the road in an $800 suit (don’t ask)…  Well, as Tom said in his pre-crazy Risky days, “Sometimes in life, you just gotta say…

Slime uses “fibro-seal technology,” which in English means fibers, binders, polymers, and congealing agents that intertwine and clot to seal punctures up to 1/4″ in tubeless tires & 1/8″ in tube tires.  It really is best used for emergency applications only where changing the tire is difficult or you don’t have the arm power to roll a spare on.

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