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The Parrot Vise swivels a full 360° like most bench vises, but you can also pull it from its base and replace it on its side to hold things vertically.  Shop Fox designed the vise so you only need to tighten the jaws to stop the vice from swiveling.

The jaws on the Parrot Vise measure 3-1/2″ wide by 2-1/8″ high, and they open to 5″.  Holes in the jaws allow you to mount custom faces, or you can buy the optional rubber-lined tilting jaws.

You can find a Parrot Vise for $40 to $50.

Parrot Vise [Woodstock International]
Street Pricing [Google]
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For a Toolmonger looking to do some metalworking with limited space or budget the M1045 three-in-one metalworking tool from Shop Fox might be just the ticket.  This 12″ capacity machine can bend, shear, and roll metal up to 22ga.

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The phone rings while you’re in the shop, but you never know it because you’ve got your earmuffs on, happily working away.  Too bad for you — that was your kid, calling from her cell to tell you she’s locked out of the house in the rain.  If you’d had the Shop Flash hooked up to your shop phone, maybe your daughter wouldn’t be giving you the Look right now.

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Plate Shear

If you need to cut some metal fast, you might want to look at a plate shear — it’ll cut sheet metal, plate stock, or round stock. To get you started, Shop Fox sells two models of plate shears that would work well in any small shop.

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Magnetic Jaw Pads

We recently covered magnetic jaw pads for bench vises, but what about that metal-jawed vise on your woodworking bench? If you need a wood-faced vice on your bench, these magnetic jaw pads will cover those wood-marring metal jaws with a less damaging material — wood.

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Anti-Vibration Mat

Got a scrollsaw that likes to dance around when you’re cutting? Are you tired of the numb feeling you get in your hands after a session with your oscillating sander? Try cutting one of Shop Fox’s anti-vibration mats to fit under your machine.

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Ruler with Handle

I can’t put my finger on it, but something about the way Shop Fox designed this ruler makes me want to grab one and start using it. Perhaps it’s because the handle allows you to push down on the straight-edge and keep your fingers out of harm’s way when you’re scoring materials with a utility knife.

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Get a grip on your carpet! Pulling out old carpet is usually hard on the hands, but a carpet puller gives you a comfortable and powerful grip, so you can rip out more carpet with less hand fatigue.

While many specialty tools are so specific and expensive that renting is the best approach for the non-professional, this one is so inexpensive, you might as well have it on hand for when you need it.  Available for as little as $20, you’ll stretch your budget without straining your hands.

Shop Fox Carpet Puller [Woodstock International]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]

Shop Fox W1734

Most downdraft work tables are huge industrial installations that cost big bucks, but the Shop Fox downdraft table is better suited for a home shop environment. This thing really sucks — and I mean that in the best possible way. Just attach it to your dust collection system — or just a shot vacuum — and it creates a powerful downdraft around your work, keeping your work area dust-free.

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If you’re not lucky enough to have a football-stadium-sized shop, then you know — as we do — what it’s like to contend with having more tools than you have space.  In a perfect world you’d havea a place for everything with workflow taken successfully into account, but in reality you’re probably going to have to put things away to use others — even large (and normally stationary) power tools. 

Manufacturers, of course, expect you to leave them put, so they don’t include wheels.  Thankfully, you can add them yourself.

Shop Fox adjustable mobile bases are designed to give users a stable platform upon which to mount machinery and equipment.  They’re adjustable to a variety of base sizes and tool weights.

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