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Every week Toolmonger gets inundated with mail from various PR firms pushing the contest-of-the-week. And most of ’em end up in the circular file because seriously, do they really think Toolmongers are willing to shell out their personal info for a chance to possibly (maybe) score a $10 tool? But we got sucked in by this one. Why? It’s all about duct tape and the crazy crap you do with it.

Here’s the quick version: In order to promote their duct tape, the folks at Scotch/3M want you to send video or photos showing how you’ve solved the day with duct tape. To encourage you to do so, they trotted out their NASCAR crew guys to camp it up. It’s kinda humorous.

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Know how when you get totally in the zone while wrapping Christmas presents you can sometimes just slide the scissors along the wrapping paper to make the perfect straight cut without chopping? This inexpensive little tool from tape maker Scotch does the same thing — even when you’re out of the zone, slammed to get everything ready before the tyke wakes up at three a.m. Christmas “morning.”

What else is there to say? Scotch touts the gizmo’s “precision-ground stainless steel blade.” And it features a “built-in ribbon curler,” which means you can string ribbon along the side of it to make those cute little curls. But the bottom line is this: Get one of these and you’ll make straighter cuts faster.

Oh yeah, and it runs about $6. You can find it at most local office supply stores as well as online.

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