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Right now, Amazon is selling the Milwaukee 6519-31 12-Amp Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit for $94.75 (and Prime eligible). It’s the sturdy, mid-sized, corded Sawzall that Milwaukee updated earlier this year (see TM’s March 2010 writeup) with a QUICK-LOK blade clamp for speedy, tool-free blade changes and a counterweight system to reduce vibration. The kit doesn’t include a bunch of extra blades, but it’s hard to complain with the affordable pricing.

Milwaukee 12-Amp Sawzall Kit


From WPXI News in Pittsburgh:

Roy Rubin, 62, is accused of trying to stab a neighbor at his home in Union Township with a power tool. Police said Rubin cut down his neighbor’s chain-link fence with a Sawzall.”

WPXI says Rubin then “allegedly punched his neighbor in the face and went after him with the power tool, according to police.” It seems the neighbor was able to unplug the saw.

As a Toolmonger, I can’t help but wonder how this fight might’ve started. I’ve certainly seen my share of neighborly disputes over fences. Hell, two of the most-damaging-to-calm-living words ever invented are “shared fence.”

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