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Ryobi heated up competition in the low-to-mid-end tool market with their dramatically improved 12V One+ power tool line. But what about all those other jobsite tasks, like measurement, safety, security, and documentation? That’s the whole point of their new Tek4 line — a collection of everything from a multimeter to hearing protection to a digital camera, all powered via a compact 4V li-ion system.

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If you think you’ve seen this somewhere before it’s because you have. Ryobi’s auto hammer is the second “automatic hammer” to market and claims dominance over the Home Depot territory while its competitor, adorned with the Craftsman logo, lives at Sears. That’s about the biggest difference other than price we can find between the two.

Just look at the packaging and you’ll come to the same conclusion. 3600 beats per minute, driving 3.5” nails, 12v power pack — sound familiar? It should, since the both the Ryobi Auto Hammer and the Craftsman Hammerhead boast these features. We have the feeling Ryobi and Craftsman feel like this little gem will be the new Dad-needs-this gift this year.

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After all the prepping and painting is over, you still have to clean your equipment. Ryobi is looking to make that last step a little easier with its paint brush cleaner. Plug in the cleaner, fill it with water or thinner, and it’ll supposedly clean any brush up to 3″ wide in a few seconds.

What’s more, they claim the cleaner will make your brushes last longer and perform better. Soft brushes rotate at 950RPM to “gently” clean the inserted paint brush. The 10″ x 11″ x 12″ cleaner weighs 4 lbs. and can hold up to 1 gallon of cleaning fluid.

The paint brush cleaner only seems to be available online at Home Depot for $30, but at least it looks like there’s free shipping.

Paint Brush Cleaner [Ryobi]
Paint Brush Cleaner [Home Depot]

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I cut my own wood, and I’ve tried splitting logs with the metal wedges, but after two of the wedges stuck in some old maple — and after some aggravation with the chain saw getting them back — saw splitting has become my preferred method.  This Ryobi Electric Log Splitter boasts four tons of splitting power, and it can split logs up to 20″ long and 12″ in diameter.

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With summer coming to an end and fall fast approaching, you want to get your yard in order before winter arrives — that includes cutting back and pruning your trees as they enter into their dormant period, and before the heavy snowfalls.  To help with that, Amazon’s selling this 18″ factory-reconditioned Ryobi electric chainsaw for $80, with free shipping.

The saw features a 3.5HP, 13A motor, automatic bar and chain lubrication with quick view, and a molded plastic case.

Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Electric Chainsaw [Ryobi]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

home depot free power tool shipping

Here’s a sweet deal from HomeDepot.com: All summer long, they’ll be shipping most power tools for free. According to Home Depot:

“The offer is valid on select tool purchases from 2/21/08 – 7/31/08 only. Offer includes: combination tool kits, drill presses, cordless drills, corded drills, impact drivers, screwdrivers, screwguns, sanders, polishers, grinders, hammer drills, chippers, breakers, lathes, staplers, planers, joiners, routers, recip saws, spiral saws, cut-off saws, circular saws, jig saws, band saws, worm drive saws, mitre saws, table saws, heat guns, nibblers, shears, stationary table saws and nailers. Offer excludes garden tools, plumbing tools and electrical tools.”

The offer also excludes certain package weights and sizes, and they won’t deliver to P.O. boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Free Shipping Deal [Home Depot]


Small spenders take note: Ryobi has added lithium-ion power to their low-buck One+ system, dramatically increasing the line’s potential and raising the bar significantly for affordable cordless power tools. You’ll find several combination sets on store shelves now — all featuring the new batteries plus a retina-burning, high-visibility green color scheme.

For today’s test, we snagged a four-piece set — the “Ryobi One+ 4-PC Lithium Power Tool Kit,” which includes a charger, two batteries, a drill/driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and a worklight. Wondering just what $300 buys you in a four-piece li-ion combo? Read on past the jump to find out.

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As if you weren’t already getting great bang-for-your-buck from your Ryobi tools — now they’re offering reconditioned tools through their official web distributor, at about 30% off retail prices. I’ve purchased a few items from them, and they were all in like-new condition. The only thing distinguishing these from brand-new is the “RECON” branding somewhere on the tool. They even carry a one year warranty.

If you have the One+ system, you can pick up some very nice additions for cheap, like the 18V angle grinder for $28 — nice!

Reconditioned Ryobi Tools [Gardner Inc.]



We’ve always said that if you can make a tool cordless — regardless of whether or not that’s a good idea — Ryobi’s probably offers one in their 18V One+ line.  Here’s one that looks pretty useful, though: the P410 random orbital sander. 

Granted, it’s probably not the ideal choice for all sanding — and it does look like the tool equivalent of Frankenstein’s wife — but when you just need to knock down a few fibers or correct a little imperfection, it’d be handy to grab this instead of digging out the extension cord.  And that overmold rubber GripZone up top looks pretty comfortable.

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TM reader ChaimWhite directed us to what’s apparently an upcoming release of a new tool line from Ryobi.  What is it?  We have no idea.  The website (link below) is currently active and shows a countdown to a release just less than a month away, but if you click through to play the accompanying Flash game, it’s all screwed up.  It appears to be some kind of trivia game, but all the questions and answers show up as “undefined.”

Maybe this is a stab at something like Halo 2’s pre-release viral marketing site.  Or maybe somebody just threw the switch a little early.  If you know any more of the story or anything about the new tool line, drop us a line.

Hypergreenbox.com [Ryobi]

Update: TM readers say the quiz works for them.  Maybe it’s a Firefox issue.