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Reusable Batter Boards

To ensure 90 degree corners and plumb walls, a contractor runs string lines between batter boards when laying out foundations, pools, or landscaping. Rousseau claims their reusable batter boards reduce labor costs by making setup faster and easier. You could also see long-term savings by using their batter boards instead of expensive wooden ones.

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Rousseau 2850 Shop Style Miter Saw Stand Kit

Throw away the apple crate and cardboard box, and get yourself a Rousseau 2850 miter saw stand kit — ok, maybe that’s just my workshop setup. At 39″ tall, it stands at a comfortable working height for the average user. The large 19″x31″ platform will support all sizes of miter saws and planers, and easy fold-down wings give support for long lengths of lumber. Two larger storage shelves hold your accessories.

The Dynamite Tool Company has the lowest listing at $95. Amazon sells it for a few bucks more, but they’re offering free shipping.

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If this isn’t the kind of image that comes to mind when you hear the words “down” and “draft,” don’t feel bad.  I get images of fire and crap — not something that looks like the Sydney Opera House.  Post-modern design aside, the Downdrafter is actually a pretty cool plastic hood dust collection system for your miter saw.

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The Transformers theme song played in our heads when we saw this one: The Mobile Max Model 2500 is a full-sized table saw platform that converts to a wheeled portable dolly for your table saw. It doesn’t come equipped with dual plasma cannons, but it does make the trip from fully-set-up to transport mode in around 3 seconds.  More than meets the eye!

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