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Are there any RotoZip® users out there? Every time I see one the toolaholic side of me says “Hey, that’s a neat tool. We don’t have one of those.” But then my damn rational side chimes in with “Ahh, it’s not cheap, and we really don’t do much dry wall work.” To which the toolaholic side replies “OK, how about a nice little trim router then? Sean’s got one (TM 11/25/09).” Meanwhile my flashlight-ophile side and the gadget nut in my it’s-getting-crowded-in-here brain are apparently out to lunch because they don’t say a blessed thing.

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post-rz02.jpgRotoZip was founded on the idea of making drywall installation simpler, and indeed the first RotoZip tools were directed squarely at that purpose.  Over the years RotoZip has expanded their line into numerous models targeted at more general purpose use with attachments and accessories for working with wood, tile, metal, and more in all sorts of manners.  The new RZ02, however, returns to the company’s roots offering a basic package designed specifically for drywall.

It features a 5A 120V motor operating at 30,000 RPM as well as a very durable cord, a dust-resistant switch, and an improved shaft-lock design for easier bit changes.  RotoZip will ship the RZ02 initially in two kits: the RZ02-1200, including the saw, soft band handle, a Tracing XBIT, a drywall XBIT, collets in 1/8, 1/4, and 5/32, and a wrench and the RZ02-1100 which adds the hard handle and additional tracing and drywall XBITs.

Street pricing starts around $70, and these are available from a variety of sources online and locally.  Look for more information on the RotoZip line from us in the coming weeks.

RZ02 Spiral Saw System [RotoZip]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


RotoZip Cutting ToolAs we’ve said before, we come from a long line of toolaholics, which means that our fathers want — wait for it — tools for Father’s Day. With that in mind, we’d like to remind you that Fathers day is almost upon us. (It’s next weekend.  Don’t forget.)

One slick gift item we ran across this week is the Rotozip RZ20 Spiral Saw Tool, with Jigsaw Handle and Zipmate Cutting Attachment package from Home Depot.  Think of this as a Dremel tool on steroids.

The kit includes:

  • the Zipmate ZM3 right angle cutting attachment
  • RotoZip’s new jigsaw handle
  • three zip wheels
  • and a circle cutting guide

RotoZip says the RZ20 kit allows you to cut drywall, plywood, ceramic tile, stone, concrete, steel pipe, iron and more. Hey, not a bad gift idea for that dad who needs to cut lots of different materials. 

We mentioned Home Depot because they’re having a Fathers Day sale with free shipping on orders of $49 or more until the 18th of June, so you can ship it for free.  But you’d better buy soon if you’re going planning on shipping it to Dad.  Pricing for the RotoZip RZ20 Kit qualifies for the promotion with a list price of $149.

RotoZip RZ20 Kit [The Home Depot]
RotoZip Product Site [BuyRotoZip.com]