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Utility knives like this MaxiKnife are so commonplace around the shop, you’ll find about as many different kinds as Baskin-Robbins has ice cream — the trick is finding which one works for you.  And it better be sturdy, ’cause once you single out a model to place in harm’s way, it’s in for quite a beating.

The lightweight MaxiKnife features a crooked handle like many knives on the market now.  Blade storage is in the handle, and the blade slide feels pretty solid.  However we haven’t put one through its paces in the shop, and anyone can tell you that’s where the action’s at.

We’re curious to see if anyone’s tried one of these.  Did the angled handle work out well in everyday shop work?  How did it hold up against being dropped?  If you haven’t gotten ahold of one yet, how do you think it’ll do?  Let us know in comments.

Street pricing starts around $8.

MaxiKnife [Redback Tools]


The Maxi S5 claims to be the “only Phillips driver you’ll ever need.”  Maxi promises it’ll drive fasteners normally requiring #0 to #3 Phillips bits without slipping or tearing up the fastener.  Late-night-TV boasts aside, that sets of my BS alert.

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The Maxistrike hammer may look like a reject from Dr. Seuss’s private hardware store,  but that’s on purpose — the neck’s arc supposedly limits over-strike damage by presenting an angled (as opposed to straight) surface to the wood below.  The manufacturer also claims its unique shape brings the head’s weight forward, much like the ever-popular Estwing.

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