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Kidding aside, if you’re one of those folks that likes your toes to fly free in your boots, you probably hate most steel-toes — and not just because they’re heavy. Most steel toe boots reign in toe room because they need the extra room to cram in the steel box that gives ’em their name. Red Wing feels your constriction, though: Their King Toe models offer 44% more toe room.

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I must be worried about my toes for some reason because I keep running into safety boots;  this time the culprit was a radio ad for Red Wing Shoes’ King Toe safety toe work boots.  They offer 44% more room for your toes — essentially what the extended cab in a truck is, but for your toes!  They also feature non-metallic safety toes, which won’t get TSA on your case, and won’t conduct electricity.

I haven’t bought work boots in a long time so I’m not too sure what the going rate is, but I was able to find these on sale for $119.  They look like a decent pair of work boots — if anyone has these, hit up the comments and share what you think of ’em.

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