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Driving fasteners into concrete or steel can be painfully slow and difficult, but Toolmongers during WWII needed a fast way to attach a steel-plate patch to the steel hull of a damaged ship. So, Yankee ingenuity produced powder-actuated tools.  A chemical propellant — like gunpowder — explodes inside the tool and drives the fastener, with action similar to a firearm.

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Recently when we passed by a local construction area we saw one of these in action. I stress that we saw it and not heard it. Some of you may know how loud drilling into concrete or using powder charged anchor bolts can be.  Generally speaking, it can be heard in the next county.  That’s not the case with the T3SS.

The Ramset T3SS is a fuel cell powered, gas actuated fastening system.  It provides the user with a safe, completely portable way to fasten to concrete, hollow block, pan deck and steel with a broad range of fasteners without the need to change power levels or loads.

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