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Generally you use a hot wire cutter to make flat profile cuts through foam. With Proxxon’s new ThermoCut 12/E, you’re not just stuck with a boring straight profile — you can bend the wire to cut almost any profile you can imagine.

A U-shaped fixed frame has a pivoting and adjustable length arm on top, and an extendable lower arm holds the hot wire. The arms extend far enough to cut as deep as 7.9″ into the foam and you can cut foam as high as 5.9″.  The wire heats up in only a second, and you can vary the wire temperature to fine-tune the cut.

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Proxxon Belt Sander

Don’t call this diminutive belt sander a toy. Like all of Proxxon’s power tools, they designed their block belt sander for smaller projects and detail work. Though it weighs in at just 1-1/2 lbs, this little belt sander can chew through ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, and plastic almost as well as its larger cousins.

A quiet 1/5 HP motor drives the belt on this little powerhouse up to 525 ft/min. Proxxon manufactures the housing from fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, with a hole in the housing that can accommodate a screw clamp, turning the tool into a stationary belt sander.

With its 1-1/2″ wide aluminum oxide sanding belt, the block belt sander sports a total sanding surface of 1-1/2″ by 2-3/8″. A finely adjustable spring-clamping system secures the belt and makes changing belts a tool-less operation. The belt sits flush to the left side of the sander for sanding all the way into corners.

Belt Sander Accessories

You’ll pay $150 to own this fine little belt sander. For that price, you’ll also get five 120-grit belts, five 240-grit belts, and a stationary screw clamp, all packed in a high-quality polypropylene storage case. You can get additional belts in 80, 120, 180, and 240 grits.

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Proxxon’s FKS/E table saw may look like a toy, but it’s a fully functioning miniature table saw.  When you’re making a scale model, a tiny error can be like flubbing a cut by a whole inch at full scale. To help model makers make exact cuts, Proxxon has been building precision power tools like this one for 30 years .

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The Proxxon micro planer is a perfect clone of a high end planer, but 1/8th the size.  It’s great machine for all kinds of fine precision planing work — as long as you don’t need to plane wood taller than an 1-1/2″ or wider than 3”.

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You’ve gotta love Proxxon’s small tools.  Many of their power tools serve purposes that in the past you’d have done entirely by hand.  Take, for example, their Mini Miter Chop Saw.  It’s another specialized tool that could be a great addition if constant trim miter and chop saw work is the norm in your workshop. It’s designed for small scale precise work — and we mean small scale: the base measures 9″ x 9″ and the entire unit weighs in at around 14 lbs. 

It features a blade speed of 4,000 rpm, and the miter table rotates 45 degrees both ways from and 90 degree center with indent stops every 15 degrees.  It also sports a steel vise with self-centering clamps and a V groove for round stock — like the copper tubing you see in the picture.

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You’ve got a big-ass belt sander for big projects, but if you’re like us, you’re still stuck sanding by hand when there’s detail work to be done.  For those smaller jobs, Proxxon offers a sweet little belt sander for finishing, mortising, and fine polishing of flat surfaces – the 115/E. 

It features a die-cast aluminum head holding the sanding arm — which swivels 60º and locks in place — and an electronic speed control that tames the belt speed between 700 m/min to 300 m/min.  The best part: You can change the belt in a matter of seconds.

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