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Trevor D. writes: “Here’s another handy tool for motorcycle do-it-yourselfers.  The Profi C.A.T. (Chain Alignment Tool) is basically a laser pointer designed to ensure proper chain, sprocket, and rear wheel alignment on your motorcycle.  When the rear tire is off the ground — using a rear stand or MC lift — you turn the laser on and put the silver base on the sprocket with the laser pointing down the length of the chain towards the front of the bike.  As you turn the wheel forward or back a little bit and hold the laser in the same spot on the sprocket, you see the red dot move forward and back on the chain.  Break your axle nut loose, and tweak the axle adjusters on each side of your swing arm.  The goal is to see the red dot stay parallel with the chain from the front all the way to the back.  If you’re going to adjust your chain though, make sure you know how to properly adjust free-play and tighten hardware according to mftr. specs!”

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