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Last year we wrote about Swench “manual” impact wrenches — huge wrenches which store up energy via a spring-laded mechanism then release it suddenly to incredible effect — when a reader who used them on Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carriers tipped us off about them.  The bad news was pricing: they start at around $600.

We noticed this morning, however, that Toolmonger reader PeterP posted a comment on our original Swench post offering his Model 750 for sale for $200.

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What do you do when you need a lot — and we mean a lot — of torque in a place where you don’t necessarily have power or air available?  Kevin sent us a tip about a tool he used on nuclear-powered aircraft carriers while in the Navy that’ll fill that bill perfectly: the Swench Wrench.

It’s a spring-loaded impact wrench.  As you turn the wrench, it stores energy by loading up a spring inside its head.  Once you’ve turned the wrench about 30 degrees, it suddenly releases the spring, powering that energy back into the bolt or nut.  Kevin said, “When three guys and a four-foot cheater bar couldn’t free a bolt, we brought out the swench.”

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