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Phillip writes: “Do you ever get tired of weld spatter fouling your clamps? These Made in the USA clamps are designed to prevent this from happening by protecting the screw threads with a shield around the shaft and that shield is copper plated to prevent spatter from sticking. They have a Limited Lifetime Warranty too.”

As a matter of fact, Phillip, we do get tired of slag on the clamps.  And wow, that’s a nice looking clamp.

A couple of features make the Porta-Vise clamps really stand out:  The pad is attached to the copper-plated shaft and is non-rotating, which means it’s not only less likely to get slag-coated but it’s easier to align as well.  (No more sliding around during rotation!)  The lever is attached to a hex-shaped handle, which means you can use a wrench or socket to turn it.

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