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Here’s what we know about Pilot Automotive’s “trailer adapter with beep tester:” when you install it in place of a standard adapter, you can push the button, hop back in your vehicle, do some stuff, and it “beeps to tell you that everything’s working correctly.”  We’d love to tell you more — like whether it tests the trailer’s wiring for connectivity as well as confirming that the vehicle’s sending the right signals or how the beeps let you know what part of the wiring is bad —  but Pilot couldn’t tell us any more than this about their award-winning new product.

That said, if this does indeed test both light connectivity and signal distribution in some easy way, it sounds great to us.  I’m particularly interested in how the beeps identify problems.  Hell, for just $20, maybe it’s worth ordering one to find out.

Trailer Adapter w/Beep Tester [Pilot Automotive]
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From the “why didn’t I think of that” file: a set of “blocks” with thick, rubber-spiked feet that fit into truck bed liner grooves to hold cargo.  You can friction-fit them in place to hold down boxes, then remove them to slide in a sheet of plywood.  Genius!

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