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I almost jumped for joy when I saw this:  Pelican is making a toolbox now, the 0450!  Since the late ’70s they’ve been making some awesome waterproof, drop-proof, hardcore cases that can go where other boxes can’t, so this should be the Holy Grail if you’re looking to build a custom “go-to” toolbox.

You can carry almost any tool under the sun in this case, and did I mention it’s mobile?  With some of the solutions they demo on their site, this could be a great way to keep your tools organized and safe.

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Pelican is famous for their line of nearly indestructible transport cases.  But did you know they also make an impressive line of flashlights and headlamps, too?  Their HeadsUp headlamps (like the ones pictured) include numerous thoughtful features such as an interchangeable head strap — cloth strap for bare-head comfort and rubber to keeps it in place on a hard-hat — and back-up bulbs on some incandescent models to keep you working when most other lights would go down for the count.

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