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The versatility of the reciprocating saw puts it on the list of must-have tools, but here’s one use we bet you hadn’t thought about: power rasp!  Paws Off manufactures a rasp blade that fits most reciprocating saws, for if you ever need to remove some wood in a hurry.

Attach the Woodhog-Rasp to clean out notches, round over edges and corners, or shape curves faster than a hand-held rasp and without banging your knuckles.

We’ve yet to see pictures of the other side of the rasp, so we’re not sure if it’s curved or flat, or if it even has teeth, but if the Woodhog fills a need that you didn’t even know you had, you can pick it up for around $27.

Woodhog-Rasp Adapter [Paws Off]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


Bending blades and marring finishes while trying to cut inside corners on shelves and walls with a reciprocating saw sucks.  Thankfully Paws Off Tools got wound up enough about it to make an attachment that dramatically mitigates the problem.

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