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ElectOtronics is selling the old standard Panavise #301 for only $31.79. I used to be skeptical about the utility of the Panavise, but now I use it for all sorts of delicate jobs that require the multi-axis positioning and gentle grip — filing small parts, tapping, etc. AVToybox lists it for an even lower price, but their cart system seems broken, which is annoying.

I like to attach one of these to the side of my rolling tool cart — it’s great for car work or doubling as a soldering iron holder. Though this may not be a recommended use, it does work well.

Panavise #301 Vise [ElectOtronics]
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The original PanaVise set a new standard for “work holding devices.”  It’s leaps and bounds more versatile than the common bench vise.  What separates it from the rest is its split-ball mechanism, which allows the head to tilt 180 degrees from vertical, turn 360 degrees on its axis, and rotate 360 degrees within the mount — all with the release of a single knob.

I use my original PanaVise every day.  I adore it — so much so that when I found a semi-local dealer, I bought another.  Pictured above is my new rig: the model 376 “extra-wide-opening head” mated with a 305 “low-profile base.”  I could’ve bought just the head, I suppose, and used it with my existing base.  But having two complete vises opens all sorts of doors in terms of bench work.  Read on past the jump for some serious hands-on experience with it — and lots of pictures.

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Pictures of the PV-212 don’t really show much in the way of scale — of how tiny the unit really is.  In fact, depending on your screen resolution it’s probably almost life size in the picture.  We’ve seen similar vises, but this one is mobile, adjustable, and very small. 

The mini vise’s grooved jaws stand 2” tall and open to over 2.5” while sitting atop an adjustable pedestal mount that screws into a tabletop or attaches via suction cups that hold the vise steady.  Neoprene jaw pads are also available for holding extremely delicate items that would be ruined if marred.

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