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One of the best ways to keep a low-maintenance garden is to water plants with a soaker hose, porous rubber tubing that slowly weeps water over a period of time. (They’re also useful around home foundations in regions subject to hot, dry weather that can cause the ground to crack.) Since controlled watering at certain times of the day is beneficial to your plants and can help you meet water usage restrictions in your town, a water timer that attaches to an outdoor spigot can be very useful.

While the $39.99 asking price is a few bucks more than others on the market, the Orbit 62001 digital watering timer, pictured above, looks to me like a good bet. The system is water- and weather-resistant and easily programmable, including a manual feature that lets you bypass the program if you want to just turn on the water or put the program on “hold” for 24 hours. The timer itself is removable so you can adjust and reattach it easily.

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