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Here’s another fun scroll saw attachment you may not have tried: scroll saw files.  These “filing blades” dramatically reduce the frustration and time it takes to produce a complex pattern by automating detail sanding and shaping.  And because of their silicon carbide coating, you can use them in a variety of materials.

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They cut like a hot knife through, umm, furniture.  OK, so a band saw blade doesn’t cut anything at all like a knife. But Olson’s “All Pro” blades are thinner and stronger than normal bandsaw blades, and they do come equipped with a wicked nasty tooth pattern that’s designed to rip through wood all day long. 

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While you can lubricate a metal band saw with oil — or even use a flowing cooling fluid to keep it cool — that kind of moisture would collect sawdust and damage wood in woodworking applications,  Olson offers a “cool” alternative: small blocks made of graphite-impregnated phenolic laminate.  They lubricate the blade, but don’t leave it oily.

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