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You have your compass, router circle cutting jig, wallboard circle cutter, and pencil and string; how many ways do you you need to draw or cut circles? Well, try out OLFA’s heavy-duty compass circle cutter. It can cut or scribe 3″ to 12″ diameter circles in paper, cardboard, mat board, rubber gasket material, drywall, thin plywood, and more, and when the blade dulls, just snap it off for a new edge.

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Though handy to have around the shop, disposable blades present a danger long after they’re useful. If you’ve ever found out the hard way that someone tossed out a used razor blade, you know what I mean. Instead of tossing sharps out in the normal trash, you can store ’em safely in OLFA’s DC-4 Blade Safety Case until they can be properly disposed of.

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Myself says: “My local Performance Tool only carries two Olfa cutters, and this is the one I’ve tried.  At first blush it seems like any other cutter, but like the Knipex pliers, there’s something just a little different.  The balance is better, the grip is easier, the business end is sharper.  I didn’t realize how sharp until I went to strip the jacket off some LMR-400 and the blade went right through the shielding and nicked the center conductor.  Well then!  I have a new way of prepping cable.

“There’s nothing revolutionary about the Olfa — it’s just a set of small improvements that add up to something head-and-shoulders above the common utility knife.  Sometimes it’s hard to justify the extra cost of a premium tool, but when it’s only a few bucks — and it’s something you use every day — I think the difference is well worth the expense.  (This is, by the way, exactly the same justification I use for the Knipex pliers.)”

Looks sharp!  Street pricing starts around $6.

The L-1 Heavy Duty Cutter/Knife [OLFA]
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