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Composting is great for gardens and flower beds, but getting that composty goodness onto your lawn can be a real pain.  Sure, it’d be fun to find one of these awesome manure flingers sized for your yard, but with this compost spreader you won’t have to power-wash your house afterward.

The mesh is small enough not to let through the compost chunks that a lawn mower would hit, and the powder coat makes it corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.  It’s a new product from North Star, so no pricing is available yet.

Compost Spreader [North Star Tools]


If you’ve got more than a postage-stamp-sized lawn, you’re eventually going to need something bigger than a hand-wand spray bottle to spread fertilizer and pesticides.  That’s when a broadcast spot sprayer comes in really handy.  But what’s better than a broadcast sprayer?  A broadcast sprayer that attaches to the back of your ATV.

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