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Restockit.com is selling this Nicholson 8″ long angle lathe file for $7.63;  it’s for filing work as it revolves in the lathe.  The teeth are angled to make a shearing cut — the file yields a fine finish, for chamfering or freehand contouring or anytime the surface finish is important.

Nicholson 8″ Long Angle Lathe File [Restockit.com]
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Many of us have experienced the pain of cross-threading;  careful as we try to be, sometimes things are just so unwieldy that cross-threading is inevitable.  With these thread-restoring files you may be able to restore those damaged or worn — external — threads.

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Just what do you call a combination chisel and rasp: a raspel or a risel?  Neither — you call it damn handy!   Nicholson packs a chisel, a flat rasp, and a half-round rasp into one useful tool that they call the WoodChuck.  You probably aren’t going to choose this tool for fine woodworking, but stick it in your tool belt and you’ll surely find a dozen uses for it.

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