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I love watching New Yankee Workshop. It’s one of my favorite shows that I pull off the Tivo every weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever had the burning urge to put together a Norm Abrams Jigsaw puzzle before, but apparently now you can.

A limited run of signature series 357 piece 12” x 18” jigsaw puzzles depicting the bearded, flannel-wearing craftsman are available through the New Yankee Workshop site for $20 plus shipping.

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Norm catches a lot of guff for New Yankee Workshop.  It’s nothing new; folks have been doing it for years. The tools in the shop and the insane wood selection he pulls out of nowhere tend to send viewers into fits. But the truth is, Norm and NYW have done a lot more good than the general public gives ’em credit for.

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The Dosicol helps you evenly spread a predetermined amount of glue in biscuit joint holes — I’ve always seen this on the New Yankee Workshop and wondered where to get one.  The Dosicol 177000 is made for #10 and #20 biscuits, and it comes with a base to hold the bottle in an inverted position for easy use.

The bottle’s wide mouth provides an easy path for the glue to flow through and makes the bottle easy to refill.  If you’re doing a lot of biscuit work you might want to pick up this timesaver.

Made by Lamello, the Dosicol sells for about $45.

Dosicol [Lamello]
Street Pricing [Google]
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It’s a strange kind of thing that happens when you watch Norm build a Tiger Maple washstand and think to yourself, “I bet I could build that.” It doesn’t occur to you at the time that there’s no reason for you to want one or that you didn’t know what it was until Mr. Abrams explained it to you 30 minutes earlier.

As usual, watching Norm is a mix of down-home building, super-sweet tools, stock you could only drool over, and advice from a master craftsman with more years of experience than you’ll ever have. To sum up, season 21 of New Yankee Workshop is in full swing and it’s as good as ever.

Even if you don’t plan to make a turkey table or hat rack, seeing this go down is worth your time. I’m stoked about the dresser he’s got coming later this year — it’s on my list of things to build anyway, and I’d like to see how the New England boys get it done.

Sidenote: His collection of flannel shirts is truly staggering.

New Yankee Workshop [Website]


Our favorite guilty secret is back. The New Yankee Cam shooting schedule has started up again, and the novelty hasn’t worn off for us yet. After watching Norm put together his old-world goodness, we still love the behind-the-scenes happenings glimpsed one frame a minute.

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Seeking a cheap, portable chop-saw table?  You needn’t look any further than Norm Abram’s New Yankee Workshop.  Norm recently built a station that’s both sturdy and relatively easy to construct, and the plans are just $11.

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