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Toolmonger has featured collapsible carts, dumping carts, and a stool with wheels; now here’s a battery-powered self-propelled cart.  At only $300, this Neuton cart costs a lot less than a riding mower and a trailer.

I sometimes get the feeling that with tools like this I’m trying to compensate for not having big tools.  Then I remind myself of something tool guys across the world should all know:  Whether the reason is money or space, not having a big tool is ok, even normal — there’s no need for big-tool envy.

Garden Cart [Neuton]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


Planet-healthy lawn care is maturing into a viable alternative for small to medium sized lawns. Leading the charge are battery-powered mowers like the Neuton CE 6.2 — they’re quiet and feature zero-emission operation.

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