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Nebo’s latest light operates in a hands-free mode by clipping onto your ear, just like one of those why-are-you-wearing-that-in-the-grocery-store Bluetooth headsets. Nebo touts the light’s “dual mode” functionality because besides the expected ultra-bright white LED light, it also features a green LED which they claim helps you to maintain your night vision. (Though I suspect maybe it just helps them to see more green.)

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This odd-looking ratchet from Nebo Tools not only pivots from straight to 90-degrees — locking into nine angles in-between — but also holds six sockets nested within a plastic carrier that slides into its handle.  (The seventh socket remains snapped on the drive tip.)  That’s a lot of sockets in a small space!
I saw one of these at Gander Mountain and it seemed sturdily built, but it doesn’t exactly seem low profile when pivoted into right-angle mode.  I’ve also had trouble locating these online.  Neither Google Product Search nor Amazon turns ’em up, though a standard Google search does return a few hits.

Do any of you own this?  If so, where do you use it?  And has the ratchet mechanism held up?

Nebo Tools Ultra Socket Set [Google]