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When Ole Reliable finally bites the dust, or the repairs to a favorite old car or truck finally exceed the cost of buying a newer car, the DIYer will encounter some painful hidden costs.  Unless the new(er) car or truck is the same make and model as the old one, some of the DIYer’s old tools won’t work with the new ride.  Motive Products is trying to lessen that pain by offering adapters for their power bleeders.

Prices vary, but all Motive’s adapters run between $22 and $40, and they also offer a “universal” kit that should work with all your cars.  The money you save might get you a giant star driver for those new seat belts;  or some extreme offset wrenches;  or a new combination of universal joints and extensions…

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If you’ve decided to pick up the necessary tools and save tons by doing your own brake work, this’ll be your next purchase.  While you don’t need something like this to bleed your brakes, it does allow you to do it by yourself.   Instead of having someone pump the pedal from inside the car while you open and close the bleed valves from under the car, power bleeders allow you to apply pressure to the master cylinder — the equivalent of having someone in the car pushing on the pedal continuously.  It makes bleeding brakes much easier and much quicker.

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