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Trevor D. writes: “This tool is one of my essentials.  As a motorcycle technician, I’m always adjusting air/fuel screws on carbs (mostly Triumphs).  This right angle driver makes it a cinch — it comes with 5 different bits, the bit is gear driven, and the tool is constructed of beautifully machined blue-anodized aluminum (handle, knob, and gear housing at the driven end) and stainless steel (shaft).  The knob has a spring and ball bearing inside it so it will ‘ratchet’ according to the degree marks on the knob — a nice feature, but I decided I’d rather have a smooth turning action instead, so I just removed the spring and ball bearing.  It’s a little steep at $90 if all you need to do is adjust your carbs once, but in my line of work its worth every cent!”

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