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Moleskine Pocket Square Notebook

When we told you to buy one of these great notebooks earlier this year, we were dead-right. It’s one of the greatest notebooks ever.  Mine is currently full of sketches, thoughts, plans, shopping lists, and a whole bunch of other crap. When I went to order a fresh one from Amazon’s new and used section today, I discovered that Amazon is selling them for $9.50 — about a buck cheaper than you usually see them retail. 

The Moleskine notebook is pocket sized, hard bound, and has the square/gridded pages — though they make lined and open versions, too. Not included are hand drawn illustrations of the next great tool or project. That’s up to you.

Pocket Squared Notebook [Moleskine]
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It’s the Moleskine’s simplicity that has kept one in my pocket for the past few years, so I was surprised to fall in love with this custom leather cover by “Moleskine-enthusiast” Paul Saffo and Gfeller Casemakers artisan Steve Derricott I saw on Boing Boing this afternoon.  Put aside thoughts of turning your Moleskine into some kind of Dolce & Gabbana bauble — Paul and Steve’s creation is more like the solid leather case that comes with a good pocket knife.  It’s functional.

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Like many of you, I carry a small notebook around with me in which to scribble ideas, phone numbers, and such. I learned it from my father, who always carried one of those little vertical spiral-bound jobbies. (I still have the one that was with his things I received from the hospital after he died. It’s full of tiny drawings of tool stands and phone numbers of friends and tool suppliers.)

I’ll admit to having tried going digital back with the Palm was new, but I never was able to fully make the transition. While PDAs are great for phone books and calendars, I just can’t draw effectively in them. And Toolmongers need to draw.

So I made my way back to notebooks, and about three years ago I came across Moleskine’s offerings. Their small, hardcover notebook is easily the best one I’ve ever owned. It’s sized perfectly to slip in an inside coat pocket — or a jeans back pocket in the shop — and it’s incredibly durable. Read on past the jump for more of me gushing about it complete with photos.

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