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Most of us will never need a single clamp that holds seven tons — hell, most of us will never need a combination of clamps that collectively hold seven tons — but if you’re supposed to move some big equipment at highway speeds or across stormy seas, or if you just need to hold down a tarp in a tornado, then you may need the Flash Clamp.

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Working with chain normally means working with large or heavy objects; if you didn’t need the increased capacity, you’d use something easier to manage like rope.  However, like so many things, having the right tools for the job makes the difference: a chain shortener for instance can vastly simplify chain wrangling.

A “shorter” links a chain together in whatever spot you deem most effective and holds without fear of separation.  A double claw 3/8” link — like this one from Moclamp — is usually stronger than the chain itself.  You know — to help protect you from the weakest link concept.

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