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This 6″-long clamp holds small, irregularly shaped objects with steel pins rather than flat jaws.  The pins fit in 60 hexagonally spaced holes on the face of the clamp, allowing you to clamp almost any shape as long as it’s smaller than the clamp head.

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Microlux, maker of miniature tools, has come out with a filing machine. It won’t help with your taxes, but it’ll take the tedium out of filing metal, resin, plastic, or wood.

Though filing machines are usually heavy dudes, Microlux has made one for the serious hobbyist. The tool works like an inverted jigsaw, but with a file instead of a blade. The machine cuts only on the pull stroke and only on stock up to 3/8″ thick.   Just clamp it to the edge of your bench and begin filing.

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This MicroLux table saw from Micro-Mark is the perfect saw for model makers — or for anyone who requires small scale precision cuts. Micro-Mart also offers the best deal on this saw at $350 with free shipping.

The MicroLux is both small and accurate, weighing in at just 11 pounds and measuring 10″ x 11-1/2″. Its variable speed electronically-rectified high-torque DC motor allows for precision cuts in both plastics and metals without over heating the material, and the saw also features two miter gauge slots for cutting on both sides of the blade, a tilting arbor for cuts up to 45-degrees, and a vacuum cleaner attachment.

My father-in-law — a highly-regarded railroad modeler — swears by this saw as it allows him to make precision 1/8″ strips from plastic.

MicroLux Tilt Arbor Table Saw [Micro-Mark]
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Here’s a kick-ass present for your favorite “apprentice” — or “the boy” as my father always called me: a miniature wood workshop complete with a lathe.  This looks like a great way to help kids develop and hone skills that should apply well when they’re are ready to step up to the big versions — and will last a lifetime.

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