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Snow is not really an issue down in the land of the Toolmonger shop. When enough snow to make a footprint hits our area, the entire city shuts down. Everyone peeks out the window to check if the snow is still there and hopes they don’t have to traverse it on the way to work. So the concept of strapping the Home Plow to the front end of our vehicle is largely foreign to us.

The idea here is that if you have a two-inch, Class 3 front receiver hitch on your truck, SUV, or utility vehicle, you can clear snow around the homestead like a badass and thus make life easier, or at least, as depicted in the ads, possible. The the 6’8″ bladed plow (and the 7’6″ version) also features a hydraulic power unit for the up position with gravity-powered slow release for the down. The wired remote lets you control both up and down as well as the side-to-side bevel from the warm interior of your vehicle. The key-fob version controls up and down, and the blade “auto-angles” according to the weight of the snow, though you can also lock it in place.

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