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Mechanix gloves are a popular topic here at Toolmonger. We like their excellent protection, improved grip, and Robocop aesthetic, but there’s an offering coming that’s more up Spiderman’s alley. The spiny knuckle ribbing and web-like hex grid over the heavy fabric of their soon-to-be-released MRT 0.5 M-Pact gloves wouldn’t be out of place on a Marvel villain’s hands, but there are some new tricks beyond looks built into these gloves.

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I first saw these gloves during the NASCAR pit crew races a few weeks ago.  A newscaster was interviewing one of the tire-changers who was wearing these gloves that looked like they could win a fight with a meat grinder.  Even if they never face that challenge, the gloves certainly gave the pit crew member the cool-factor during the interview.

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A few years ago Mechanix added the M-pact padded glove to their always-great-looking lineup of gloves.  Now they’re making another go of it with the Impact Pro — it sports the same color scheme and rubber styling as the original M-pact, plus reinforced fingertips and breathable palms that the glove doctors at Mechanix say will give you less sweaty-palm syndrome while at the same time providing a better grip on anything in your grasp.

Figure on around $15 to $20 for a pair — which means if you pick some up and they feel good, you can have ’em for about the same price as any other set of mechanics gloves.

Impact Pro Gloves [Mechanix]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


Every time I see Mechanix vent gloves I think of the eighties, when guys used to wear leather driving gloves with the fingers cut off.  Perhaps it’s the holes in the hand, but they always produce a chuckle.

You might ask, “Are these the same as the regular gloves, just with holes?”  Yes, yes they are.  Aside from sporting the “80s Awesomeness” they’re the same Mechanix gloves you might find in any shop, just with more of a perforated vibe.  Down here where it’s hot eight months out of the year, you do actually see them around.  White isn’t the best color in the world for ’em, but they don’t stay that way for long.

Pricing is about the same at $18 to $20 per pair.

Vent Glove [Mechanix]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


We have to give Mechanix credit for making gloves look cool. Even their Flash-laden website exudes polish and style. It would be real easy to hate them for it — except that, in our experience, their gloves whoop ass. The new padded construction glove looks like it carries on the tradition.

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It’s day two of glove week, and today we’re trying on Mac Tools’ Foose-branded work gloves.  One thing even the most casual observer will notice is that these gloves are stuffed full of logos.  Foose Designs, Mac Tools, and a little yellow tag on the edge seam that reads “Mechanix Wear” all fight for hand-space like NASCAR sponsors. 

We’d imagine that at least a few hardcore deals went down to bring these gloves to the public, but (as always) we ask only one question:  “Are they worth a crap in the shop?”  There’s only one way to find out, so we put ’em to the test.  Read on past the jump for our experiences and lots of pics.

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Most “women’s” tools leave much to be desired — passing up quality and good design for pretty colors and gimmicks.  Not Mechanix, though.  Their woman’s home and garden gloves look as tough as their shop gloves, they’re not even pink, and there’s not a flower to be found anywhere on ’em.  They are, however, sized just right for smaller hands and feature sport-stitched webbing in the rear to provide a snug fit for slender wrists.

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As scarred and bruised as my knuckles are, one might think I’m a prize fighter or some sort of perpetual bar-room brawler.  One would be wrong.  Really, I’ve just lost more than my fair share of rounds with cars I’m working on, which is why the padded M-Pact gloves from Mechanix look so attractive.  They look like they’d help take the beating when the bolt I’m wrenching finally gives way and sends my knuckles flying into the nearest metal object. 

Besides all the normal Mechanix glove features, the M-pact gloves have new flexible bonded TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber) knuckle and finger ribs that protect the top of your hand.  They also feature Lycra finger panels, and a sensitive fingertip pattern that let you “feel” what you’re doing through the glove. 

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Lots of products claim to shed light on the task at hand without tying up both of yours —  hanging lights, standing lights, and even lights that clip on to things.  Mechanix offers an even simpler solution: sew the light right into your work glove.

Its batteries are replaceable and it’s got a seven-minute automatic shut-off to keep you from having to replace them too often.  The light and batteries are housed in a waterproof rubber pouch that should keep the light from harm if — perish the thought — you get liquid or goo on the gloves.

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While most mechanics aren’t really style conscious — otherwise they’d remember when sleeves like this were popular womens’ workout attire back in the ’80s — they can tell you what you need to wear to protect yourself in the shop. Work boots and shop shirts are the order of the day.  Sometimes, though, you require an an extra degree of protection — like when you’re changing the oil filter on a Miata. 

The damn thing’s way the hell down at the bottom of the engine compartment, and ‘lest you want to jack it up and try to get at it through the wheel well, you’re gonna burn the crap out of your arm — unless you’re wearing one of these 17″ heat sleeves from Mechanix.

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