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If you’ve got a yard with lots of “trash” trees or big old trees that drop lots of branches, you may not need an ark-sized chipper that costs a bundle.  For as little as $175 you can get one of these garden-gnome-sized McCulloch electric shredders. It’ll handle the stuff not worth cutting up, and the rest goes on the woodpile for the winter. It’s not a beast, but it might be the right tool for the job — and maybe it won’t bring back unpleasant memories of that scene from Fargo.

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The small cordless screwdriver market is in full swing; It seems to be a battle of price and features when it comes to who gets the consumer dollar.  Here’s McCuloch’s entry into the compact cordless arena. 

The McCulloch 4.8 is like most of the other small cordless drivers we’ve seen in many respects:  It has a small profile, comes with attachment bits and, makes about 250 RPM.  As you might have noticed from the photo, the unit’s “claim to fame” is its four part folding hard plastic case that includes 100 (!) bits.  You’re bound to find something useful in there.

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