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Matco Tools announced an addition to their tool cart line today, pictured above. Besides its “distinctive look,” features include bar magnets inside the lid to hold commonly-needed (and presumably ferrous) tools, magnetic door closures, a molded tool organizer, and two cup holders.

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Whether you call it a Saltus Wrench or a flex combination wrench, it still looks like you left your sockets alone in the dark with your wrenches for too long. I remember running into one of these wrenches in my dad’s toolbox as a kid and thinking, “What the hell is this for?” Given the proliferation of ratcheting box end wrenches and other innovations, most people probably don’t run into these wrenches anymore.

The open end and the socket on one of these wrenches are the same size, and the socket isn’t removable. The socket usually rotates on the end of the wrench, somewhat like a socket on the head of a breaker bar — this setup might get you into some areas too tight for a ratchet and socket.

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This rig is the Tool Pr0n of storage. Designed to provide techs with bad-ass organization, the new 5s ISS storage system by Matco is one of the top-of-the-line items that will find itself shoved to the top of wish lists.

Matco says the 5s ISS has been designed to allow flexibility in configuration and layout. What that really means is that any number of pros can use it from maintenance to manufacturing. Top and bottom stations are available in 48″ and 60″ widths that can be used stand-alone or in combo with toolboxes. You can have any finish you want as long as it’s powder coated, but it will come in a bunch of colors.

No word on price yet but lustworthy commercial grade gear and “cheap” normally don’t reside in the same sentence, so expect to pay more than a card table and a set of milk crates.

5s ISS Storage System [Matco]


Matco is running an online sweepstakes to promote their new line of service carts, and the grand prize is a MSC11 service cart with top chest add-on.  You can enter the sweepstakes for free — just fill out the online form and you’re entered!  Judging from the pictures on the website this cart looks pretty sweet, and it would go great in an auto shop.

Contest Info [Matco Tools]


Matco Tools’ new mini impact driver will fit where larger impact wrenches won’t, and its light weight (under two pounds) means less fatigue.  With its 1/4″ drive and 5 to 30 foot-pounds of torque it’s designed with smaller fasteners in mind, and it spins up to 11,000 RPM so it won’t slow you down on large assembly projects.

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