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Amazon is selling the Master Appliance HG-501A heat gun for the best price we’ve found, $70 plus free shipping.  The 14A, 1,680W tool runs on the hot end of Master’s heat guns, blasting out hot air in the range of 500-750 degrees Fahrenheit.  With a heat gun like this you can thaw pipes, shrink plastic, and desolder(!) — it’s good for jobs where you need something more controllable and less “flamey” than a propane torch.

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This is probably the ultimate craft accessory: a cordless, re-fuelable hot glue gun.  The next time you’re stuck (get it, stuck — hey, it’s late, OK?) in the middle of nowhere gluing 4,000 tiny beads on something, this is your tool.

Seriously, though, hot glue has all kinds of industrial and practical applications far beyond crafts — including positioning wires and making relatively strong, but breakable connections.  For example, we used hot glue to attach trim on a dart board surround we recently built.  It holds the trim on well, but not so well that you can’t break it off to repair the felt underneath if need be.  (And if you’ve seen us play darts, you know the need indeed be.)

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