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Maybe you aren’t going to reach speeds of 40 MPH on these Marshalltown knee boards, but at least you won’t sink into the concrete while you’re shuffling along at 0.04 MPH.

Strap into the kneepads, lock your toes into the toe brackets, and you’re ready to work some concrete. The knee boards are made from 18 gauge stainless steel so they won’t turn into rust from contact with wet concrete all day. When the knee pads finally give out, you can replace them without having to buy a whole new pair of knee boards.

Pricing for Marshalltown’s KB230 knee boards start around $110.

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Marshalltown designed the Rapid Rasp to be a low-cost tool for shaving foam insulation and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) to size.

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If a drill-powered hole saw seems like overkill for cutting holes in acoustical tile for sprinkler heads, you might rather use a hand-powered saw like this one from Marshalltown.

This lightweight saw quickly and accurately cuts  2-1/2″ holes in acoustic tile — probably with less mess than a powered saw, too.

Marshalltown’s acoustical tile saw runs about $13.

Acoustical Tile Saw [Marshalltown]
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We’ve posted about drywall combo tools before, but Marshalltown has made something a little different with this multi-tool — it’s a combination panel lifter, non-clogging rasp, and bottle opener.  Why a bottle opener?  According to Marshalltown, it comes in handy when beer-thirty rolls around.

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Marshalltown’s innovative trowels make bricklaying easier, thanks to their DURAdjust ergonomic handles — a dial changes the diameter of the handle to fit the user’s hand, and a soft rubber coating adds to the comfort.  Less hand fatigue means you, or your employees, can work longer and get more done.

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Textured walls still seem to be the craze, and texturing with a sponge still seems painfully slow. If you’re tired of sponging it on, try shooting it out of this hopper gun instead. You can find less expensive hopper guns, some of which only handle paint, but the Sharpshooter I features seven different orifice sizes, a handy air-control valve, and a big trigger for less hand fatigue.

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Marshalltown 14900 SkyWalker® 2.0 Stilts 18-30

Stilts aren’t just for circus performers — they’re a staple in any plasterer’s arsenal. My plaster guy walks around on and recommends Marshalltown’s Skywalker 2.0 stilts. Their advanced ankle movement allows for a more natural walking motion and less fatigue.

They fit on any size leg, thanks to a three-way ratchet system.  You can quickly adjust the height, up to 30″, with a “flip-and-switch” system.  You can also strap ’em on fast with quick “adjust-and-release” straps.  The stilts support up to 225 lbs. with rubber feet pads for traction.  If you get a chance to try a pair out, I recommend it — it’s not as easy as it looks.

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Sticking to conventional wisdom that says “don’t change a classic design that works,” concrete trowels haven’t changed much in the last 50 years.  But the Cam-Lock trowel adds modern kick: adjustability.

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