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Made for sanding picture frame miters, Logan Graphic Products F200-2 Precision Sander Elite can sand molding up to 3-1/2″ wide. The 10″ disc sander can be set up to form perfect left-hand or right-hand 45º miters. Out of the box, those are the only angles it can sand, but I bet with a little modification you could extend its abilities.

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loganmattecutter.jpgWanna know the difference between a professional looking framing job and what most people have hanging in their abode? Its all about the matting.

The problem is that at Toolmonger we were definitely born with the uber-cheap gene, and we refuse to pay $100 plus for a custom matte job.  That’s why we just placed an order for Logan’s 301-S compact matte cutter.  With the 301-S and just a little bit of practice, we’re gonna bring out the “inner masterpiece” in that $20 print of “dogs playing poker” we picked up at the flea market.  You can, too.

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