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If you’re new to welding and want a full set of safety gear, or if you need a second set for travel, Lincoln offers two “package” deals called Ready-Paks. The basic version includes a cloth welding jacket, a set of leather work gloves, a set of welding gloves, Lincoln’s low-end safety glasses, and Lincoln’s Viking 1840 variable shade (9 to 13) welding helmet. Pictured above is their new “premium” version, which subs in the upgraded Viking 3350 helmet (with a greater shade range, 6 to 13), a leather sleeved jacket, and an upgraded set of welding gloves and safety glasses — plus some leather welding sleeves. In both cases you get a big (and pretty durable-looking) duffel bag in which to carry the gear.

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Welding gear is expensive — even if you start with a basic unit, all the accessories you need will cost you some more of your hard-earned bucks. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a complete package that could hook you up with everything you needed? Here comes Lincoln Electric with the Lincoln Welders Backpack.

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The movies lie to us when it comes to welding. We love to heckle the screen when we see our hero, blocked by a three-inch steel door, pull out a torch the size of a cell phone and cut a hole big enough to drive a tank through it. So when we bought our tickets for Iron Man we thought we were in for more of the same. Not so — in fact, they did such a great job we almost didn’t catch the Lincoln welders in the background.

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This month Lincoln released their newest big-dog welder, the Ranger 250 GXT. The 600-lb. monster sports more power output and a huge AC generator, for some truly awesome portable power.

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Learning how to weld can be a bit intimidating for some, but the best way to learn is to study with folks who know how to teach it. The Lincoln Electric Welding School in Cleveland has been doing just that since 1917 — if you want to sign up, they’ve just announced the 2008 schedule.

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We’re really starting to see an upturn in the number of press releases piling up in our mailbox…  It must be the holiday season!  While you’re digging out the Christmas lights — why wait ’till Thanksgiving? — Lincoln’s been cooking up a new inexpensive MIG welder to keep you busy through spring: the Power MIG 140C.

The 140C’s designed to run on common 120V household current and can operate either as a true MIG unit with gas or as a flux-core rig, so it’s a good match for your garage shop.  But it also offers some high-end features such as a cast aluminum drive and continuous voltage control.  And in case you’d like to try your hand welding some aluminum, Lincoln’s offering an optional Magnum 100SG spool gun made specifically for the Power MIG line.

We’re seeing some gas-ready packages starting at around $600 online.  Ho, ho, ho.

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OK, we’re gonna try and stay away from the obvious jokes about the name on this one. Just one look at the name and a glimpse of the tool deserves a bit of a snicker.  Once you’re past the snickering, though, Lincoln’s new heavy-duty 14.4 Volt PowerLuber looks to make lubricate just about anything easier. 

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