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post-laserpark.jpgMany of us house our shops in our garages, and try as we may to push all the vehicles outside (to get that extra space), sometimes we have to share.  But to get that last inch of space for the band saw, we’ve got to assure the car is parked in exactly the same place every time.

We recently came across a cool, high-tech update for the ubiquitous hangling tennis ball: Liftmaster’s Laser Garager Parking Assist accessory. 

It mounts to the ceiling near your existing garage door opener and automatically turns on with the opener’s light, using a small laser to project a red dot on a spot of your choice.  It shuts off with the light, too, so it pretty much takes care of itself.

Liftmaster says you can use up to two on a single door opener, and street pricing starts around $20.

LiftMaster 975LM Laser Garage Parking Assist [Liftmaster]

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