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Just in case a certain coworker goes off the deep end

If your router puts up a fight every time you change bits, try a chuck eliminator.  Legacy Woodworking offers two versions, labeled as the Bosch version and the Porter Cable version.  Either of them should help eliminate the whole juggling act with two wrenches, and the related cussing.  Even though they look the same, the Porter Cable version supposedly allows you to change router bits in ten seconds without knuckle scrapes.

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David writes: “I saw Legacy’s Revo at a woodworking show a few months ago.  It’s an easy-to-use ornamental mill which turns an ordinary router into a complete workshop.  It can be used as a lathe by slowly rotating the workpiece against the spinning router bit, and by locking the workpiece and moving the router you can easily cut decorative flutes in your work.  Spiral cuts are simple to make, too, because the router’s movement can be geared to the rotation of the workpiece.  A template follower helps reproduce turned parts, like a broken leg from an antique table.  There are tons of other great things to do with this mill.  The mill itself is inexpensive at only $795, and it’s small enough to be bench mounted.”

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