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Leatherman multi-tools and accessories have been a popular topic on TM (3/4/08, 5/22/08, 3/18/09, 7/7/09 and 7/24/09 to list a few). Well, their “original super-duty Leatherman is back.” The Super Tool® 300, 4.5″ long (closed) and weighing in at 9.6 oz. with stainless steel handles and body has 19 tools “for the working man.” The 300’s tools include “larger” regular and needle-nose pliers — which are really just different sections on the same jaws, but I guess you have to count everything to get up to 19 tools — file, saw, straight-edge knife, serrated knife, bottle opener, can opener, awl, and wire cutter for both regular and hard wires (the small notch at the base of the wire-cutting area is the hard-wire cutter). The wire cutters are removable so you can sharpen, perhaps with the 300’s own file, or replace it if needed.

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Many multi-tools seem to be a flimsy sampling of little knick-knacks. We’ve seen different versions for ages, but they rely on a simple straight-edged pocket knife to do most of the real work. However, Leatherman’s interesting Charge ALX model is a little different. It does away with many of the old issues multi-tools faced, like those Phillips drivers which always seemed to be less than helpful.

They have been replaced by a clever interchangeable bit system, much like what you’d find on an electric screwdriver. There are two of these sockets on the Charge, allowing you to keep multiple common bits ready for immediate use. Extensive kits with drivers for many different head styles are available and store nicely inside the same sheath as the tool itself.

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Leatherman Knifeless Fuse

The Leatherman Knifeless Fuse is a combination tool that comes without a knife. Marketed for “knife-prohibitive situations,” the tool contains 13 standard tools (needlenose/regular pliers, two wire cutters, wire stripper, small/large/Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, file, can/bottle opener, 8″ ruler) that one would expect in a multi-tool.

If you work at a school or an airport, this combination tool is marketed for you. While TSA will probably make the rest of us check this, there are certainly occupations where having a knife is a liability rather than an asset. The remaining tools, as expected, are consistent with Leatherman’s reputation for quality.

The Knifeless Fuse benefits from Leatherman’s new design — the jaw and wire cutter/stripper are longer than before, and the grips are now Zytel (nylon). Additionally, Leatherman claims the tool locking system is “50% stronger” than previous versions.

All said, it’s a tool for a very specialized group of folks, but if you’re one of them, this’ll do the trick.

Via Amazon [What’s This?]


I own my share of bit sets — a few mismatched sets and even a couple of complete ones — but they never seem to be in the right place when I need something different.  This Leatherman Bit Set includes all the bits you’ll need for your Surge, Charge, TTI, or Wave, all in a nylon sheath you can wear on your belt.  I know some Toolmongers aren’t fans of the “Batman look,” but if I’m working on a job, I’d rather look like Batman than be running back and forth to wherever I left my bits.

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Amazon is selling the Leatherman Skeletool CX for $64 with free shipping — that’s at least $22 cheaper than I could find anywhere else. The CX differs from the original Skeletool by its combination straight/serrated blade and its “Tungsten DLC Coating,” whatever that is. If you want one, you’d better hurry; Amazon could raise the price any minute.

Skeletool CX [Leatherman]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


Cruising a few sporting goods stores this weekend, I noticed the local Academy Sports shop was carrying a few Skeletools. Without signs or any fanfare, they sat quietly among the hunting knives and other Leatherman products.

So, if Amazon has sent you the very polite yet disheartening email that they don’t have any more, and your order will have to wait an eternity plus ten years before they get more in, you might consider this alternate strategy. We also found one or two of them laying around at different retailers, but those shops seemed to be about $20 more proud of them than the sporting goods stores who’re charging the already-full retail price.

Skeletool [Leatherman]
Academy Sports and Outdoors [Corporate Site]


We stopped to chat with the Leatherman reps about the vaunted Skeletool. We had to wait about five minutes for the throng of people to complete their assault on the poor guys behind the booth, but we finally got our shot to ask the same question that everyone before us had asked — when can we have one?

The answer is soon. To be a little more accurate, the Skeletool is technically out now, but they aren’t going to be shipping more to stores just yet. Demand is through the roof, and they’re stepping up production to get the next batch in stores by May.

Skeletool CX [Leatherman]

Leatherman Crunch

The tool market seems to offer a multi-tool for every possible need. Now Leatherman, seeing a niche to fill, offers the Crunch, which sports the usual assortment of tools plus the addition of locking pliers. If you often need things to stay put, hands-free, you might want this multi-tool in your pocket or on your belt.

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Not satisfied with the mere five ounce weight of their new Skeletool, Leatherman is planning the release of an even lighter and more stripped-down multi-tool, the Freestyle. The Freestyle is heavily based on the Skeletool, and it’ll feature a 420HC straight blade, lightweight pliers with wire cutters, a combination Phillips/flat driver, and a hybrid bottle opener/carabiner.

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Leatherman makes this bit driver extender/adapter for the current generation of multi-tools and knives which accept Leatherman’s proprietary removable bits. The bit extender increases the tools’ reach by 3-1/4″ and accepts both Leatherman’s unique flattened bits and standard hex bits. This greatly expands the driving capabilities of these tools since the flattened bits are costly, in limited variety, and sometimes hard to find in a timely manner.

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