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This combo toolbox reminds us of those little Russian Matryoshka dolls — you know, the ones that have a dozen dolls nestled inside each other.  You can just keep taking this thing apart, and you find more compartments.  Best of all, it provides the three things you need for taking care of projects around the house:  tools, power, and reach.

If you’ve got this toolbox, you never have to go back for a stepstool, tools, or an extension cord — that’s a lot of time-saving.  By keeping you from standing on the sofa, it could also save your relationship with the significant other.

If you take it to the jobsite you might be laughed out of business, but at home it’s a winner.  Lasko must be keeping this a secret, though — Amazon and Google Products seem to think it doesn’t exist, and there’s no pricing on Lasko’s website.

Power Toolbox [Lasko]


With nasty weather setting in this last week, our time in the shop has taken on a colder feel.  It seems like it’s always either 100+ or cold as hell in the shop.  I think prefer cold because I can always make it warmer — but colder is difficult.  Well, expensive anyway.  When you’re working near the bench and not moving around much, heaters like this one can help.

It’s a small Lasko 5000-Series heater that has a timer and swinging fins to spread out the heat.  We’ve used it many times and while it doesn’t produce anywhere near the amount of heat to would heat the shop up to a comfortable level, it can provide enough heat to thaw out a small work area.

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