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Whether you’re eight or eighty, glow-in-the-dark is pretty cool.  OK, maybe you aren’t going to put glow-in-the-dark planets and stars on the ceilings or paint secret messages on your walls when you’re eighty, but painting your switch plates so they glow in the dark may be a great way to locate them rather than groping about.

Krylon Glowz paint comes in a 6oz. spray can and can be used on a ton of materials including wood, metal, glass, plaster, fabric, and paper. It dries to the touch in three minutes, and you can handle it in three hours.  Like you’d expect, the phosphors in the paint “recharge” by being exposed to light.

A spray can of Krylon Glowz paint will run you about $4 to $6.

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Stain in a spray can — it’s not something you’d use every day, but if you have a small job and don’t want to invest money and time into a sprayer, it definitely could be useful.  Minwax has sold stains in spray cans for a while, but Krylon claims their new product is the first exterior stain in a spray can.

Krylon formulated the stain to be fast and durable and to give even coverage — if you apply it right.   The stain offers UV fade protection, and it’s water-repellent as you’d expect an exterior stain to be.

We can’t find Krylon’s WoodStain for sale online yet, but it’ll come in 12oz cans of rustic brown, honey gold, redwood, and cedar.

Exterior Stain [Krylon]


If you’ve ever seen what happens to a tarp left out in the sun too long, you know that ultraviolet light and plastics don’t get along. The tarps fade, flake, and generally just fall apart after their time in the sun. Krylon offers a spray-on product that provides a clear layer of protection for outdoor fabrics and plastics to keep them looking good longer.

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Krylon Snap and Spray

If that cursed rattle can is giving you “finger fatigue,” transform it into a spray gun with Krylon’s Snap and Spray.  The pistol-grip-shaped Snap and Spray snaps onto any spray can, giving you better control and accuracy — and pulling the built-in trigger is much easier than pushing down on the spray head.

You can find a couple of different versions of the Snap and Spray floating about.  Expect to pay about $3 to $4 for either version, or you can get a case of 12 for less than $30.

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Latex paint is known for its low odor, quick dry time, and flowing coverage.  Rattle-can painting is known for its simplicity — and messy clean-ups.  What if the two met Reese’s-PB-and-chocolate-car-accident style?  The result: Krylon’s new H2O spray-can latex — complete with all the benefits of water-based latex paint and rattle-can application plus overspray that cleans up with soap and water.

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