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Kreg isn’t making a big production about changing the grips on the clamps in their pocket hole tool line, but you can pre-order the improved clamps to be shipped this week from Woodcraft and next week from McFeely’s.

Except for their new corner clamps, Kreg is adding comfort grips to all the clamps in their pocket hole tool line — that includes their bench clamps, right-angle clamps, and face clamps.  Since there’s no press release, we scraped this information together from other sources, and we haven’t run across the reason for the upgrade.  Is it a ploy to further differentiate their products, or are they doing it in response to customer feedback?

It looks like the new clamps will be priced similarly to the older versions, but we found a few cases, like the right-angle clamp, where they bumped the retail price up a few dollars.

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Kreg’s rolling out a new self-squaring corner clamp this month to complement their pocket hole tool lineup.  They designed their new clamp to secure right-angle joints squarely before screwing them together.

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Kreg, best known for their pocket hole systems and easy to use jigs, is looking to make a name for themselves once again. Disengage your routers and brace yourselves — Kreg’s new precision router accesories are scheduled for an October 1st launch.

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When you want to join one piece of wood to another at a shallow angle, what you need is a pocket hole joint.  They’re strong, and if you’ve got the right jig — like the K3 from Kreg — they’re simple to construct.  While there are lots of pocket hole jigs on the market, we like the K3 because it’s small and portable and because you can drill up to three holes without repositioning it.

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When it comes to DIY woodwork the best “tricks” are the ones that save you time and get the job done right.  The R3 jig from Kreg is a pocket hole jig that clamps on to provide a sure fire way to get furniture-quality angled holes every time. 

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Holding it down — that’s half the battle when it comes to woodworking.  (“Knowing” is the other half, right?)  Just keep it still.  Think of the KREG Universal Bench Klamp as a pair of adjustable locking pliers mounted to the workbench.  This idea is that the system allows you to apply an incredible amount of pressure to the joint line.

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