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This is the world’s largest dump truck.  There’s nothing on wheels that moves more earth than the 930E-2 by Komatsu.  If you ever wanted to drive through a shopping mall while hauling a small office building, this is your rig. 

The 930E-2 is 26′ wide by 46′ long and over 21′ feet high.  (So much for the KFC drivethru.)  It’s made for work in some of the largest mines in the world, and has the girth and power to rightly be named the king of the earth movers with a 319 ton payload capacity and a 16 cylinder, 2,550 horsepower engine.

Oh yeah, and if that’s not cool enough, consider this: You can drive it by remote control from up to 1/8 mile away.

This sort of redefines the concept of “big rig,” does’t it? 

930E-3 [Komatsu]